Who says we shouldn’t be adventurous with coffee? You can now brew your very own delicious Cappuccino at home, with the wonderful addition of Baileys liqueur, but without having to worry about alcohol. This exciting product is quick and easy to brew in your Senseo machine. The pads contain everything you need, and all you have to do is pop a pad in the large cup holder, press the button, and wait in anticipation for your cup of delicious Cappuccino with Baileys, ready in no time.

Senseo’s Baileys Cappuccino is a three-in-one taste sensation. You get an intense cappuccino topped with a velvety soft layer of milk foam, blending beautifully with the well-known, creamy flavour of Baileys for an extra edge.

This is not a flavour combination you would normally get from a cup of coffee. And now you no longer have to go to the coffee shop or buy a bottle of Baileys to enjoy a delicious Baileys Cappuccino. Brew a Baileys Cappuccino in the morning or at work with a clear conscience, because now you can enjoy the delicious coffee liqueur flavour, without the alcohol.

If you love the taste of Baileys in your cappuccino, or even the flavour of coffee liqueur in general, you should definitely try this product.


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Senseo Baileys Cappuccino

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