The Segafredo Zanetti group pays attention to every single detail in each and every coffee blend they create. From picking to packing, they are involved in every step to ensure the best coffee for consumers. This is why their logo is seen in so many cafés and restaurants all around the world.

Now, you can brew your own Segafredo coffee at home. Try this Caffè Crema Dolce blend. It is a velvety coffee that is made of medium-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans. 

The well-balanced harmony between Arabica and Robusta offers you a coffee that has a well-rounded flavour profile. All coffee lovers are sure to enjoy a cup of this freshly ground and brewed coffee blend. Caffè Crema Dolce is ideal for making a caffè crema with your preferred coffee machine. Beautifully coloured coffee topped off with a delicate cream – what more can you wish for?

At Kaffekapslen you can now get a bag of 1000g of this delicate blend of high-quality coffee so you can make your own café-style coffee at home. We recommend that you grind the beans right before brewing them to get the best result.


Amount (g.)







Medium (7/10)

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Segafredo Caffé Crema Dolce

1000 g. coffee beans

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