The Dolce Gusto machine is like a modern-day miracle, and can brew not only delicious coffee, but also tea, cocoa and everything in between, like this exciting Gimoka Ginseng coffee.

Ginseng has been used in the East for millennia as a natural energy supplement to relieve stress, fatigue and problems with concentration.

In recent years, ginseng extracts have become increasingly popular in coffee, combining the qualities and flavour of coffee with the many positive properties that the ginseng root provides.

This product is Gimoka’s version of a modern Ginseng coffee. The coffee has a mild and sweet flavour with a distinct hint of caramel, all combined with invigorating ginseng.

It is the perfect energy boost as your morning cup of coffee, or when you need an extra pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Gimoka is an Italian coffee producer that can trace its origins back to the early 1980s. Based in Andalo Valtellino, Lombardy, the company is one of Italy's leading coffee roasters with exports to over 50 countries.

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Sugar, base powder (glucose syrup, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, stabilisers: E340, E452, MILK PROTEIN, anti-caking agent: E551, emulsifier: E472e, colour: E160a), SKIMMED MILK POWDER, instant coffee (7.8%), salt, ginseng extract (0.4%), flavourings.


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Dolce Gusto


Caramel, Ginseng

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Ginseng - Gimoka

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (13)

Great tasting Read More
Not nice at all! Really weak and super sweet. To me it tasted like a very weak milky coffee with a sweet caramel/toffee syrup. If you don't usually sweeten your coffee I don't think you'll like it. If left a sickly, sweet taste in my mouth. Read More
wakes me up in the morning ,great taste Read More
I absolutely love this coffee. The strangest tasting coffees I’ve ever had. It’s got a spiced taste. It tastes as though there’s alcohol in it yet, there’s isn’t any alcohol. That taste must be mimicked by the ginseng combined with coffee. It’s a strong taste. One espresso sized cupful isn’t enough. I have to double up. Read More
This is amazing tastes lovely small measure but fabulous nevertheless Read More
I loved it, an engaging flavor without being cloying. This coffee you can drink 5 or 6 a day because its flavor is mild Read More
need a lift in energy during the day I grab one of these ,does the trick Read More
Good product and best company Read More
10 out of 10 Read More
I am a regular Ginseng coffee drinker, I started drinking it in Italy several years ago. I have trued various brands and have my favourite but sadly this is the absolute worst I've had. Was like drinking sugary hot milk! Unfortunately I bought 4 boxes which I can only put in the bin. So disappointing. Read More
I ordered a few boxes as I wanted in particular to get milk only capsules for the machine. I normally just order capsules from amazon but the choices are limited. I noticed there was a really goo range here but I was reserved as I had never used this company before. As the delivery is from Europe I expected it to take a while but had seen that deliveries were usually dispatched on a Thursday. It took just over a week to get the order which I thought was good considering this. I got to try some new flavours and again I am really impressed with the quality of the products. I will 100% order from here again when I need more. Read More
Wow. First time having this. Absolutely delicious. Definitely ordering again Read More
I tried one of these yesterday and I'm hooked, it's like coffee+. Smooth, creamy, with that extra kick from the ginseng. No need for extra sweetener (not that I do anyway) and frothy. Perfect for a small cup as its more intense that way. I'll be ordering more of this. Read More