Since 1907, the Spanish Marcilla brand has been among the coffee favourites in southern latitudes such as Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Marcilla's Café Largo has a full-bodied flavour, with slightly nutty notes, which combine well with milk and sugar. It brews perfectly in your Tassimo, where the machine recognises the capsule through smart Intellibrew technology, so it knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water to use to brew a perfect Espresso according to the pods specifications.

Marcilla's Café Largo is a classic that you'll encounter again and again in the southern latitudes. The taste is full-bodied without being too intense, so although it is mostly used as a morning coffee in its country of origin, it can work well throughout the day in our opinion.

Marcilla Café Largo has espresso notes, which contribute to its full-bodied flavour, and is known for its particularly frothy crema.

A fine representative of Spanish coffee culture, it has also won a large fan base outside southern latitudes, so should you be tempted to grab an extra cup, we fully understand.


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Roasted hazelnuts

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Strong (8/10)

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Marcilla Café Largo

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (25)

Simply great flavour coffee. Read More
Really nice smooth coffee, with a good flavour Read More
This coffee is reach in flavour & a great alternative to the usual americano blends Read More
I have just made a cup of this one,I really like this one,strength wise also ,8 /10 witch is just right after I have had my stronger LOR expreso 10/10 definitely recommend to give it a try 😊👍 Read More
This coffee is the best Tassimo product I have come across yet! and was not readily available on the Tassimo website for a long time!! This is what led me to Kaffekapslen and now I'm a regular ongoing customer preferring Kaffekapslen over Tassimo!! Read More
Is not as strong coffee as I thought but nice taste combination with the drop of cream taste increase Read More
I wanted to take advantage of Kaffekapslen offering coffees not usually available in the uk, so tried this Marcilla cafe Largo. Really enjoyed the taste of this full bodied coffee. It will be on the list next time i purchase coffee. Read More
A really rich bodied long coffee. Drunk black it is strong without bitterness. Very enjoyable. Read More
Really enjoy this as it reminds me of Spain. Occasionally you get a pod which is is not as strong as others but generally it’s a really good coffee. Read More
Decent mug of coffee any time of the day Read More
Bought for first time and reminds me of holidays in Spain - will buy again. Read More
This coffee was new to me but I love it, smooth and great punchy taste, will definitely buy it again. Read More
A nice strong filtered coffee cup, ideal for your first cup of any day. I also liked it with a hint of some milk. Read More
Found this by chance and really good flavour Read More