Since 1907, the Spanish Marcilla brand has been among the coffee favourites in the southern regions of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Marcilla Café Con Leche is a creamy coffee, meant for a larger cup than for an Espresso, where the addition of milk makes it lighter in taste, without compromising the underlying and unmistakable coffee flavour.

A style of coffee particularly popular in the south, it can easily be brewed here in your own Tassimo machine, where each pod comes with built-in milk powder, so you only need one pod for each cup.

The coffee is created Lungo style and blended up with milk. It has a creamy intensity, and slightly caramelised flavour which is rounded off with a delicate and inviting foam on top.

In other words, you get a nice cup of quality southern coffee, perfect for those who aren't into overly strong coffee in general, or as an evening coffee where you might not be too interested in an overly strong shot of caffeine for natural reasons.


Skimmed MILK powder (32%), sugar, glucose syrup, instant coffee (15%), fully hydrogenated coconut oil, MILK protein, stabiliser (E340), anti-caking agent (E551), emulsifier (E471, E433)


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Marcilla Café Con Leche

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (84)

It's ok. I bought it thinking i would get something nice from spain. Turns out it is just the Kenko Café Au Lait (same pods, different picture on the front). Turns out that Kenko and Marcilla are owned by the same company. Not the fault of kaffekapslen so no mark down for them. Read More
Very disappointed, thought I was getting something different but the pod packaging (and taste) is exactly the same as the UK Kenco Cafe Au Lait. Read More
Buy buy time to find another supplier!
Crazy price rise will buy elsewhere.
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Always buy these but that's a big rise in cost. Won't buy them again Read More
Bought these all the time from you but due to another price increase will shop elsewhere very disappointed jumped up by £1.20 a packet how do you justify this Read More
Cafe con Leche taste is excellent only downside is to get a proper cup full 2 pods are needed. Please make XL size. Read More
Exceptional coffee with a unique blend! Read More
Great flavour & strength but would have prefered an XL, not enough coffee for me Read More
So glad I found this company. The coffees are great and the selection is amazing.
My husband has this coffee and absolutely loves it.
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Love this coffee so easy when at school as milk already added and not sweet at all and love Kaffekapslen always great service and fast deleivery to the UK Read More
Smooth creamy coffee - delicious! Read More
I love these. They are smooth and not too strong which is perfect for me. I buy these all the time. I won’t buy anything else now Read More
Lovely coffee. Not strong. Perfect for me Read More
My wifes new favorite, brings back memories of hoildays in Spain, she just loves it Read More
This is a super coffee. It's really nice to have a single pod that delivers all this in one go. Read More