The classic French Café au Lait is known for its mildness, which comes from its rich milky body. But with this variant, Nescafé has created a Café au Lait, which differs by being particularly intense.

Because even though it comes with lots of milk, as it should be for a Café au Lait, it is quite unusual for a Café au Lait based on Robusta beans. And the Robusta beans are the 'secret' behind this variant's intense character. Because compared to an Arabica coffee, a Robusta coffee is a bit bitter, and with a higher caffeine content. The result is therefore an intense coffee, which combines a taste of freshly roasted beans with a creamy soft milk taste, which, however, has also been sweetened a little so that it does not become too bitter.

Here, Nescafé and others have come up with a bold bid for a real coffee classic, and created a variant that will probably share the waters. But if you are going to Café au Lait, but would like to enjoy one that is a little more intense than usual - or maybe just want a little variety, we are sure that this variant will suit you well.

You brew it easily and quickly in your Dolce Gusto® machine with just one pod.


Whole MILK powder (43,6%), instant coffee (35%), sugar (20%), stabilisers (potassium phosphates, sodium citrates), emulsifier (SOYA lecithin)


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Strong (8/10)

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Nescafé Café au Lait Intenso

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (15)

Perfect blend for my taste Read More
The Cafe au Lait Intenso is a delicious cup of coffee. It has a pleasant sharpness to it's flavour. Price is very competitive and service could not be better. Read More
This, for me, is the best Cafe Au Lait, I have experienced. I take it as a Cortado and my wife takes it as a longer drink with a dash of sugar. This is our "go to" coffee, for our mid-morning break, most days of the week. Excellent. You must try this one!! Read More
This is my "go to" coffee, if I want one with milk. Smooth, Strong, Satisfying. I take it as a Cortado.. ( that is four bars on the Dolce Gusto machine).. my wife likes it with a spoon of sugar and seven bars on the machine. Perfection in a cup!!! Read More
Another family favourite. Generally our Morning coffee, taken as a Cortado by me and a longer drink for my wife. Strong, Intense coffee, with a dash of milk. Superb!! Read More
My wifes' favourite. She calls it her 'morning coffee'. I use this pod as my Cortado. Superbly strong, even as a milky coffee. Read More
Very nice coffe. Always choose intense for the strong coffe flavour comparing with the normal one Read More
Very happy with my coffee pods, easily comparable to professionally prepared drinks in a cafe at a fraction of their prices! Would have liked a speedier delivery but my order was worth waiting for! Read More
Bought these as they are a particular favorite .Strong and not bitter Read More
This is my early morning pick me up. Gives me a caffeine boost with excellent flavour to see me through the morning. Read More
Very easy to use website and good prices were one thing, but the prompt delivery while there are mail strikes are another! Definitely going to be a repeat customer. Read More
Great taste, great price Read More
One of my favourite single pod coffees. Rich, smooth and VERY drinkable Read More
Strong and intense flavour. A very good option if you like the standard version but want a bit more coffee taste. Read More
For when the 'standard' Nescafe Cafe au Lait doesn't quite hit the spot then this is the perfect upgrade. Just that bit more intense for when your tastebuds and caffeine receptors require a more grown up Cafe au Lait, only downside is the price but Nescafe pods were never the cheapest. Highly recommended. Read More