This filter has been developed for use in Siemens EQ.series coffee machines in order to protect them from limescale build-up.

A BRITA filter effectively cleans the water of limescale, so your machine is always in top condition. But as well as protecting your machine from limescale, you also get the general benefits of a Brita filter, with the filter removing chlorine, metals and 99.99% of all bacteria from the water.

A filter like this installed directly in the machine is therefore an effective way to continuously maintain your machine. Because the water that comes directly from the tap is often very calcareous, which in the long term can lead to a number of problems such as:

- Prolonged brewing time
- Influence on the taste of the coffee
- Malfunctions

With the BRITA Intenza filter, you therefore not only achieve a better coffee taste, you also extend the life of your machine.

The capacity of the filter can be set before installation with the following adjustments to reflect the water hardness in your area

A: Soft water: 50 litres (300 cups)
B: Average hardness: 40 litres (250 cups)
C: Hard water: 30 litres (200 cups)

As a rule of thumb, the filter should be replaced after about 2 months of use

The BRITA Intenza+ filter is compatible with all models in the Siemens EQ. series

German Brita is the creator of the popular Brita water filtration jugs. Today, the Brita Group is represented across the globe, selling its filters to consumers and businesses in a variety of designs, all of which have in common that they deliver clean, refreshing and tasty water cleaned of sediment.






Brita Water filter Intenza TZ70003

1 filter for EQ.300 Espresso machines

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