Get the best start to the day with Friele Breakfast Coffee. With this popular Norwegian classic, you get a round and full-bodied coffee with a pleasant acidity and long aftertaste, brewed perfectly in a large cup using your Tassimo machine.

Friele Breakfast Coffee is a reliable classic that has been on the market since 1938. It is therefore a well-known sight in Norwegian homes, and has been Friele's most popular blend for many years. This is a highly treasured coffee that has been refined over decades and which, despite its name, can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

You can now brew your own cup of Friele Breakfast Coffee in your Tassimo machine, which recognises the pod thanks to the smart barcode technology and knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water is required to serve the perfect cup.

We deliver this Norwegian classic in packs of 16 T-Discs that fit perfectly in your Tassimo machine.

Friele is a Norwegian coffee roastery that has supplied Norwegian households with coffee since 1799. Today, Friele is Norway's largest coffee producer, and part of the Dutch Douwe Egberts group.


Ristet og malet kaffe.


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Friele Breakfast Coffee

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (27)

First time trying this coffee, it tastes great. Bit nutty taste nice and string just how I like my coffee Read More
A little strong and bitter. Read More
Great coffee at a great price.
Kaffekapslen is the best place to get this coffee
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Slightly earthy taste, not my favourite. Read More
Loved this coffee, first time trying it and was impressed. Great flavour and creamy top. Better then the UK supermarket stock Read More
Well-rounded and delicious breakfast coffee - ask any Norwegian! Read More
I was introduced to this gorgeous, flavoursome breakfast coffee by a Norwegian friend of mine who absolutely raved about it. I was almost reluctant to review it as it is so hard to come by nowadays... but then I thought I should do my civic duty and recommend it, the World needs to know! Buy some and discover the secret, ask any Norwegian! :-) Read More
Excellent price for the coffee but, purely personally, I wasn't so keen on the taste. Read More
Hubby loved this one Read More
Just tried this one and yes it's just as good as the others. Trying all different ones but can't decide on which is best as they are all so good. Read More
Really good coffee for a first brew of the day. Full of flavour. Read More
Very pleasing cup of coffee first thing in the morning Read More
This coffee was new to me but I love it, smooth and great taste, will definitely buy it again. Read More
When a harder edged taste is required, particularly in the morning Friele Breakfast Coffee is an excellent choice. Read More
Excellent coffee Read More