Bring the taste of Swedish coffee to your home.

Zoégas has put together a blend of coffee beans chosen and roasted with care for the coffee beans and the people involved in creating the product. 

This coffee is made of Arabica beans from South and Central America as well as East Africa. It includes beans from Ethiopia, which give the coffee spiced notes and a taste of citrus that is particular to this blend. The taste is also full-bodied and provides rich layers of flavours that also include cinnamon. When you smell these dark-roasted beans you’ll feel as though you’re smelling freshly baked Swedish cinnamon buns. 

Zoégas cares for the environment and the people involved in crafting their coffee. This effort is recognised by the Rainforest Alliance, as the Blue Java blend is Rainforest Alliance certified. 

With passion for dark roast since 1886, you can trust that Zoégas beans are made from the best plants and roasted to perfection. You will not regret buying this coffee.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Citrus Fruit


Rainforest alliance, Arabica


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Zoegas Blue Java

450 g. coffee beans


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I have a bean to cup filter machine and I have tried many different types and brands of coffee beans, although they produced a nice cup of coffee, they didn't wow me until I tried Blue Java. I love this coffee, as I sip my coffee it transports me to my favourite bar by the Mediterranean every morning! For me Blue Java gets a 5* plus! Read More
. Read More
Best coffee ever. Read More