Most people probably know Starbucks for their many cozy cafes, where you enjoy their many years of experience in creating gourmet coffee. With these pods, you can now also have the same gourmet coffee experiences in your own home.

Blonde Espresso Roast is one of Starbucks' best-known varieties, and like all Stabucks coffee, is made from 100% Arabica beans. The beans are native to Latin America, and are roasted so the natural sweetness of the beans has been particularly highlighted. This has resulted in a soft and well-balanced coffee, whose character makes it ideal for use in combination with milk, where Starbucks uses it in many of their classic espresso drinks, to give the coffee a rounder taste, without the burnt notes, like a stronger espresso will give.

Here is therefore a very drink-friendly Espresso, which can be enjoyed throughout the day, and which of course also comes in the same high quality as the one you know from your Starbucks coffee shop.

We deliver it in a package of 12 pods that fits perfectly with your Dolce Gusto® machine.

Founded in 1971 in Seattle, USA, Starbucks is today the world's largest coffee chain, with over 30,000 locations worldwide. Over the years, Starbucks has built up a unique expertise in coffee production, and is known as the inventor of the modern 'To go' coffee.


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Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

12 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (6)

Lovely flavour! Perfect for an iced oat milk latte Read More
A really lovely light and mellow espresso. This is my go-to coffee in the morning. Love it! Such a good deal on the price too! Read More
A decent espresso which does what it says on the box. Read More
Very nice smooth taste to this coffee, I use this espresso to make a larger cup of coffee but have discovered that I must not add too much water as it is not a strong espresso. If you would like a smoother, milder espresso or would like to progress from larger coffees then I feel this would be an ideal choice. Read More
Quality product and really good service. Emailed through each stage so I always knew where my order was. Arrived in good time and product is authentic and excellent! Read More
Nice espresso. Mainly use for making my own lattes & cappuccinos. Tastes great Read More