Dolce Vita is an Italian brand that has made a series of drinks for Nespresso® in different flavors, such as this delicious Biscottino.

The Dolce Vita series consists of various hot drinks created in café style, which are especially suitable for those who want to save on caffeine, or for the youngest who are not quite ready for a full coffee yet.

Dolce Vita Biscuttino is a hot drink which in its form and character is akin to a traditional Latte. The taste is latte-like, with notes of cinnamon and the classic speculoos cookie. A combination that is perfect for a short break in the afternoon.

Dolce Vita has taken inspiration from the proud Italian coffee traditions, and has here given their offer of a delicious hot milk drink, as an alternative or supplement to a classic Caffe Latte, where you save on caffeine, but still get a Latte experience.

Dolce Vita Biscuttino is brewed perfectly in your Nespresso® machine, but remember to have it brewed with the espresso button on your machine, so you get the best result.

These capsules/pods are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


Sugar, skimmed MILK powder (20%), fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (coconut), glucose syrup, WHEY powder, caramelized sugar (1%), stabilizer (E340, E452), MILK proteins, flavors , salt, anti-caking agent (E551), emulsifier (E481).


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Dolce Vita




Coffee with flavour

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Medium (5/10)

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Cookies - Dolce Vita

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (6)

Bought as a little gift to myself when purchasing something for a friend, they're delicious! Not too sweet but very flavoursome, a nice treat. :) Read More
What can I say?
Who does f like cookies and milk?
I know I do. And, with the addition of coffee to that magic pairing we are having a lovely relaxing weekend afternoon.
Flavour isn’t at all sickly as you might think. It’s just the right sweetness for me & being diabetic that’s a real bonus.
Go on, give this a try. It’s a bit cheeky.
Read More
Great product.
Tastes lovely, amazing value, good communication and delivered in expected time. Couldn’t be happier!
Read More
Very tasty, my second favorite, the first and cinnamon. Read More
Very nice! Love these in my morning latte ☺️ Read More
Beautiful creamy cookies and cream tasting hot chocolate, great when you fancy something a little bit special. Read More