Café René has 3 everyday coffees in the range for Senseo, which share a taste and character, but which come in different degrees of strength, from mild to strong.

Strong is Café René's strong variety, and is created for all those who like a good cup of strong coffee. Here you get a powerful coffee, which gives you a boost and equips you for the day's chores.

These pods contain a dark-roasted coffee, with an aromatic intense taste, caramelised sweetness and pleasant bitterness.

If you are into strong coffee, or if you just need a cup of extra strength every now and then, we can recommend Café René Strong.

This is a good everyday coffee at a reasonable price, which comes with a body that can also go nicely with a little milk and sugar. Or in other words, here is a straightforward, no nonsense strong coffee with a taste we believe will suit most people.

Café René Strong comes in a package of 20 pods, which fits Senseo perfectly.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Café René





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Regular Cup


Very strong (9/10)

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Café René Strong

36 pods for Senseo


Reviews (5)

Great tasting coffee for days you really want that caffeine kick to get into gear. The whole house smells of coffee. Read More
The site is very easy to use, and the prices are excellent. I did not have to wait very long for my order either so very happy Read More
Great taste, good price, prompt delivery Read More
Work wonderfully well if used as a teabag. I actually cover mine with boiling water the evening before use. Top up again with boiling water in the morning. The result hot, strong coffee. Read More
I like it so much it's amazing Read More