Exquisite coffee and craftsmanship in a class of its own.

Dallmayr is one of Germany's most renowned coffee producers. Behind Dallmayr lie decades of craftsmanship, the development of special techniques and the uncompromising pursuit of the perfect coffee experience. Dallmayr Prodomo is a coffee made from the finest Arabica beans from various mountain regions around the world. The coffee beans are darkened with Dallmayr's unique roasting technique, which releases all the flavour and aroma of the coffee bean.

If Dallmayr has also become your favourite, you can receive 30 pods with this pack - and have an extra cup of coffee with a clear conscience whenever the mood strikes.


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Dolce Gusto

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Medium (5/10)

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BIG PACK Dallmayr Prodomo - Nescafé

30 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (15)

My German favourite coffee!I discovered it first time in Romania and now I found it on this site in England.I’m so happy because I can enjoy it here also.Good aroma and the taste is lovely!Thank you Kaffekapslen for making me my mornings brighter! Read More
Fantastic value Read More
We regularly order from Kaffekapslen and enjoy trying the different cofffees available. This coffee is a regular repeat order as we find this a good 'all round coffee' which we have found can be drunk at any time of the day. It is not overly strong but has a rounded flavour and can easily be drunk throughout the day with all meals and snacks. Read More
Rich and strong coffee. Love this coffee, was more that delighted that now I can get same brand in pods Read More
My "go to" coffee now. I ordered 3 more large boxes and will be buying many more as time goes on. We all have our own individual tastes but if someone asked I would always recommend this. Read More
Very tasty, aromatic Read More
First time I have tried this brand, will be back for more. Read More
Think I was a little hasty with my quite negative reviews for these pods, there must have been a few dodgy pods in the box, I do however need 2 pods in a decent sized mug to get a pleasant coffee ☕ find one pod just a bit too weak for me, but everyone's taste is different. Read More
I wasn't a fan of this at all, it was very weak with one pod, had to use two pods, and then it was too citrusy for me and not enough body, I was a bit silly ordering 2 boxes without trying it before, wouldn't buy it again, the pods also are super light compared to Dolche Gusto genuine one's, I wouldn't get this again even if it was free, cannot believe honestly that Germans drink this, it can't be anything like what you can buy in the coffee shops there! Read More
Great price and great coffee - I'd buy again Read More
Great experience from ordering to arrival. Read More
Super Read More
Decent brew. Will re-order Read More
Pleasant everyday coffee. Not my favourite, but still pleasant Read More
it tastes better than any other Dolce Gusto pods I tried. medium strong, a bit of foam Read More