Café René has 3 everyday coffees in the range for Senseo, which share a taste and character, but come in different degrees of strength, from mild to strong.

Classic is Café René's medium variety, and has a strength that is neither too mild nor too strong, but somewhere in between. This is a cup that goes down well at all times of the day

This is a traditional cup of coffee created with medium roasted beans.

Classic has a delicious cream layer and a strength perfect for those who like a regular cup of coffee. The taste is aromatic, with a delicious aftertaste of caramel.

Café René Classic is a good everyday coffee at a reasonable price, which can also go very nicely with milk and sugar. It is a no nonsense coffee that we believe will suit most people.

We deliver Café René Classic in an extra large package, so you wont run out in a hurry - and in pods that fit perfectly with your Senseo machine.


Ristet og malet kaffe


Number of pods


Number of cups



Café René





Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

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Café René Classic

36 pods for Senseo


Reviews (5)

Really nice smooth coffee Read More
Like the Rene coffee pods as not too strong, nice with drop of Baileys in it and then no milk, real chill out coffee but can also be drank at any time. Read More
Decent coffee bags for a Phillips senseo machine, of course the taste you like is a personal thing, but these are middle strength and taste, good for everyday coffee. Read More
Lovely coffee Read More
The coffee was fine BUT a little weaker than our normal coffee ,but the price was a lot cheaper than our normal coffee, would i buy this one again .. Yes ... I also would like try the stronger one they sell in this brand Read More