With its characteristic red packaging, Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood is a well-known sight in homes, cafés and workplaces in the Netherlands, where it has been a bestseller for decades.

When you get a cup of coffee in the Netherlands, there is always a good chance that it will be Douwe Roods in your cup, as generations of Dutch people have grown up with the slogan: Wherever you drink Douwe Egbert, you are at home.

Douwe Egberts Rood is known for its rounded flavour, refined for more than 100 years by Douwe Egberts. The coffee itself is made from medium-roasted Arabica beans, blended with a little Robusta, and has a mild flavour, so you can enjoy cup after cup throughout the day.

We deliver this classic in pods that fit perfectly in your Senseo machine, and directly to your doorstep.
Douwe Egberts can trace its history all the way back to 1753, when the company was founded in the Dutch town of Joure as a grocery store. Today, Douwe Egberts is among the world's three largest coffee producers and delivers a wide selection of quality coffees from around the globe to coffee connoisseurs all over the world.


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Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood

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Very good, strong morning coffee, just like I used to get in Holland. Good price for good coffee. Read More
So very glad I have found your website! I’ve been living in the UK for 21 years and grown up with Douwe Egberts. Although there is a wide choice of coffee in the UK, they don’t have this product and the Senseo isn’t really widely used. Great customer service too! Thank you! Read More
We lived in Holland for 12 years and always drank D.E Koffie. On returning to the UK it has been a constant struggle to find our favourite blends at reasonable prices. After discovering Kaffekapslen we can source our koffie and enjoy the flavours we love best. Ordering is quick and easy and delivery and communications excellent. Long may it continue. Read More
Nice flavour, good strength and good price. Recommended to coffee lovers Read More
Its the best flavour coffee for senseo machines. Love the product and so do all my friends and family. Read More
Not tried this product before in pods, but have had in normal coffee, so cant say what its like till open it. Then we work through date order first. Hopefully it be good like the rest generally are Read More
We were trying out all the coffees to find our flavour and strength. This one tasted lovely for an evening or relaxed coffee. We enjoy coffee that slaps us awake in the morning and frog marches us to work! Read More
My favourite Read More
Uitstekende koffie voor een hartstikke leuke prijs ! Website, verzending , alles keurig geregeld kortom....ik blijf vaste klant !! Read More
This is my new favourite coffee, ordered it several times and never disappoints. Full body, great flavour and consistency is key. Read More
Being a Dutchman I love my coffee, especially if it's Douwe Egberts Coffee. Grew up with it and it's the best coffee on the planet, rich of taste, just as coffee should be. These Douwe Egberts Coffee pads I always prefer over Senseo's own brand; they come from the same source, but Douwe Egberts pads have that bit richer in flavor. Would reccomend to any Senseo pad users, five stars! Read More
Great koffie with an lovely aroma Read More
Excellent coffee which we have enjoyed for many years available at a good price through Kaffekapslen Read More
it doesn't matter where you live in Europe, you can always order your favorite coffiepads and it will delivered in your country of preference....Perfect arranged. Read More