Many people are probably familiar with how easy it is to make a cup of cocoa milk, where you add cold milk to the cocoa powder and stir - but did you know that it is actually just as easy to make a cup of
refreshing iced coffee?

With Ice Coffee from Nescafé, just like with cocoa, you just add the sachet of powder to a tall glass (ideally filled up with ice cubes), pour in cold milk and stir, and in no time it is ready to serve.

If you have never tried iced coffee before, you are in for a treat. Enjoying coffee ice cold adds a whole new flavour dimension. The coffee tastes more intense than regular coffee. The combination of great taste, its coolness and the invigorating effect of caffeine means it is always extremely refreshing.

Iced coffee is a variety often overlooked, but it provides a completely unique coffee experience that is definitely worth a try. Once you have a taste for an iced coffee, it can quickly become highly addictive as a refreshing summer drink.


Sugar (89%), instant coffee (9,5%), salt, aroma


Number of bags


Number of cups





Milk, Medium roasted beans

Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Nescafé Ice Coffee

8 Instant Coffee Sachets


Reviews (2)

Tried these by accident and had to track them down. Really nice easy to make iced coffee. Don’t know why we don’t have this in the U.K? Glad to be able to buy it here, shipping was quick so would order again. Read More
This is the best iced coffee mix I’ve ever tasted. It’s sweet and creamy, not like the bitter coffee taste of Starbucks Read More

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