Tap water is usually very chalky. This not only affects the taste of the water, but is also hard wearing on household appliances such as kettles and capsule machines.

A BRITA MAXTRA Pro filter is a good way to get around this. Its filter, with its thousands of microscopic pores, removes lime so effectively you wont even know it was ever there.

In addition to lime, MAXTRA Pro also filters other sediments such as sand or metals from the pipe system feeding the tap. With a water filter you not only get lime-free water, which is clearer and tastes better, but also water that is healthier for you and your whole family.

As a coffee or tea lover, you will experience a cleaner and better coffee taste when you filter the water. Your capsule machine will also love the filtered water, because lime free water is easier to boil, and will not shorten its lifespan by choking its internal components with limescale.

The MAXTRA Pro filter consists of three elements which effectively filter tap water.

  1. ION beads to soak up lime and other sediments in the water
  2. Carbon beads for removing chlorine and other impurities that can affect aroma and taste
  3. A fine-mesh net for capturing larger sediments from water pipes

Tap water is filtered and purified so efficiently that the result is water that is so clean, clear and fresh that it is on a par with the spring water you can buy in the shops.

The MAXTRA Pro filter fits all Brita jugs, and can also be used directly in the water tank on selected Tassimo capsule machines. If you are unsure whether your Tassimo machine can use a Brita filter, you can check the manual or contact our customer service.

A MAXTRA Pro filter can typically filter 100 litres of water, which corresponds to about 1 month of normal water consumption, before it needs to be replaced.

German Brita is the creator of the popular Brita water filtration jugs. Today, the Brita group is represented across the globe, where its filters are sold to consumers and businesses in various designs, all of which have in common that they provide clean, refreshing and tasty water cleaned of sediments.






Brita Maxtra Pro filter

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