With St. Remio Bold you get a creamy medium / dark roasted coffee with notes of nuts and milk chocolate. Here is a variety from one of the world's smaller coffee countries, Rwanda, which can be enjoyed as an Espresso, or as the base in a Cappuccino or Latte.

With its roasting just one level below a dark roasted coffee, you get a coffee that is full-bodied but does not feel too strong.

You also get a coffee that has been created with special consideration for the environment and sustainable development. St. Remio has launched a large number of projects to develop the local communities where coffee is grown, with a special focus on improving the conditions for female coffee farmers.

You get an aromatic quality coffee, and you also support a good cause.

The capsules are suitable for Expressi, K-Fee, Cafissimo and Caffitaly *.

* Expressi® is a registered trademark of Aldi Foods Pty Ltd. K-fee® is a registered trademark of K-fee System GmbH. Caffitaly® is a registered trademark of Caffitaly System SpA None of these companies or their affiliates have produced, endorsed or are otherwise associated with this product.


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St. Remio




Hazelnut, Dark roasted beans, Milk chocolate

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Strong (8/10)

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St. Remio Bold

10 pods for Caffitaly

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